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AgeTech Company Carl Announces Launch of Dementia-Friendly Phone and Tablet

AgeTech Company Carl Announces Launch of Dementia-Friendly Phone and Tablet

Carl, the AgeTech company dedicated to revolutionizing dementia caregiving through innovative solutions that enhance communication and community, announces the launch of its dementia-friendly phone and tablet, managed by the Carl Family caregiver app. The Carl phone, tablets, and app simplify care management, enhance communication, and empower caregivers worldwide. The launch comes after raising $1.15M in pre-seed funding and a successful pilot program, marking a significant milestone in the company’s mission to simplify dementia care.

“What we’re working to achieve with Carl is to cater to the human, not the disease,” said Farid Chaouki, cofounder and CEO. “A frustration we’re seeing is that modern society only sees the disease, not the person behind it, and we’re working to bring back that human layer for the individual and the family.”

Carl works in two parts: first, as a dementia-friendly phone or tablet with an intuitive interface tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It provides simplified communication and easy-to-use features like one-touch dialing, video calls, unwanted call blockers, memory photo albums, and music, with future apps coming. Carl’s priority is to create a smoother tech experience for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Second, the Carl Family App simplifies care management through an integrated suite of tools, including tracking the battery and location status of the loved one, private and secure family networks, and more. Additionally, Carl has a dedicated space for caregivers to collaborate, share experiences, and access valuable resources such as content curated to share caregiving tips, education, and more. By fostering a supportive community and network, Carl encourages caregivers to connect and grow together, reducing feelings of isolation and providing a platform for shared knowledge and support. Carl streamlines care management, allowing caregivers to oversee and enhance the care of their loved ones effortlessly.

Recognizing the diverse needs of caregivers worldwide, Carl offers multi-language support and cultural adaptability. Carl aims to make dementia care accessible and effective globally, addressing specific local needs and preferences and offering over 25 languages with additional languages incoming. The Carl phone is shipped directly to the user, while the Family App is available by invitation for iOS and Android devices in the app store.

“Dementia is a hard reality to face but one that can be met and managed with the help of easy-to-use tools and technology,” said Sellebraten, cofounder and son of Carl. “Being dementia-friendly means making life more manageable with affordable and accessible tools that the whole family can connect with and through. It’s a positive approach where life can still be lived well by the millions of people currently diagnosed with dementia and their loved ones.”

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