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2022 Trend Report

Don’t miss insights and predictions from the brightest minds in The Business of Aging Well™. 

Disruption in senior living is creating new definitions. Growing demand, outside investment, and the reinvention of traditional models are changing “the name of the game.”

Download this complimentary report if you are:

  • A Senior Living Executive 

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Boomer expert Matt Thornhill, Founder, Cozy Home Community and Openly Gray Inc. offers praise for the Report:

“No need for a crystal ball after you read this fantastic and practical trend report on the future of senior living. It’s all here — not just insights but implications for anyone in the sector. Nancy and her team have done the work and share ten key trends critical to 2022 and beyond. Read this report!"

The 10 Trends are based on 75 Glowing Older podcast interviews

and 50+ SeniorTrade blog posts. 

Learn about best-in-class solutions to benefit people of all ages. 


Trend 1: Aging in the RIGHT Place

Housing is recognized as a vital contributor to wellbeing.


Trend 3: Solutions for the Forgotten Middle

Innovators are “cracking the code” to offer moderately priced housing.


Trend 2: Senior Living as a Service

Best-in-class services will support older adults throughout the continuum of their lives.


Trend 6: Power of Purpose

Senior living lacks elements to make purpose flourish.


Trend 5: Intergenerational Living

New projects move beyond age-restricted housing to create community for people of every age and walks of life.


Trend 4: Affinity Communities

Finding your tribe forms deep and lasting connections.


Trend 7: Acceleration of Age-Tech

An influx of startups and investment capital is driving innovation in technologies for older adults.


Trend 9: Inclusivity

Policies are shifting as senior living staff are two times more diverse than residents.


Trend 10: Exposing Ageism

Negative perceptions of aging undermine opportunities for senior living operators, staff, and residents.


Trend 8: Food Delivery Redefined

Options include pop-up grocery stores, in-community farmers’ markets, ready-to-prepare frozen meals, take-and-go and delivery.

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