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Purdue, Varcity Partner for New Alumni-Focused Residential Development

Purdue University, the Purdue Research Foundation, the Purdue for Life Foundation and Varcity have reached an agreement to establish a wellness-infused residential development in Discovery Park District at Purdue.

Varcity, a McNair Living brand, builds developments directly affiliated with universities through business and social programming. The company collaborates with higher-education institutions to provide residential living to alumni and community members in state-of-the-art, amenity-rich communities located on or near campuses. Typically, Varcity developments include:

  • One-, two-, and three-bedroom homes and freestanding villas.

  • Concierge service.

  • Multiple chef-inspired restaurants.

  • Lifelong learning opportunities.

  • Interior design that celebrates the institution’s history.

  • Dedicated health and wellness support for Varcity residents that includes telehealth and telemedicine, physical therapy facilities, assisted-living options and more.

Due to its official affiliation with the university, Varcity at Purdue will feature elements customized for the community:

  • Location in the heart of a vibrant on-campus, mixed-use neighborhood.

  • Ground floor specifically designed for interaction with students, faculty and the larger community, including space for group meetings, art exhibitions, intergenerational engagement and more.

  • Early childhood education center.

  • Expansive green spaces and professional-grade pickleball courts.

  • On-site lifelong learning center through a partnership with the Purdue for Life Foundation.

  • Purdue ID cards for all residents with access to university facilities.

  • Opportunities to audit lecture courses free of charge.

  • Collaboration with the university on research, teaching, student internships and service opportunities.

The Varcity development will sit over ground floor amenities that are available to everyone on campus. The villas, townhomes and apartment living options are projected to be home to residents in their mid-60s to mid-80s with wellness services available for any need at any age.

"We’ve been very intentional on creating a robust, well-rounded community through the Discovery Park District development, and this partnership with Varcity provides us with another cornerstone element,” said Emily Najem, vice president of economic development and corporate counsel for the Purdue Research Foundation. “The district is a central connector for research, academia and corporate America — we’re building an innovative community where everyone wants to live.”

While exploring how this new development could best be integrated into the Purdue community, Varcity representatives met with numerous university deans and conducted focus groups with students, faculty and alumni. The goal is to use focus-group feedback to establish a community designed for multiple generations of Boilermakers and the Greater Lafayette community.

“It’s been our pleasure to work alongside Purdue to bring this development to life,” said Ryan Haller, managing principal with Varcity. “Since our first meeting with university officials, it’s been clear Purdue is a unique institution in its business-friendly approach. While all our partners are special to us, Purdue was the first institution to buy into our entrepreneurial vision and continues to be the gold standard of public-private partnerships in higher education.”


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