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NIC Spring Conference to Focus on “Next Stage” Senior Living and Value-Based Care

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Leading conference on senior housing and care takes deep dive into how senior living can integrate healthcare services to improve resident outcomes.

Value-based care that aligns payment with better patient health outcomes will be a key theme of the 2023 NIC Spring Conference. Other key topics include attracting a new generation of residents to senior living, incorporating innovative housing and technology models, and exploring solutions for the “Forgotten Middle.”

Bob Kramer, NIC co-founder & Strategic Advisor and Founder & Fellow of Nexus Insights, has been a driving force behind the future-forward conference programming.”

Kramer told SeniorTrade, “I've often quoted Henry Kissinger, ‘The task of leaders is to manage the crisis while building the future. At this point it's critical that our field begin to ask. What is that future and how do we prepare for it? The themes for the NIC Spring Conference are how senior living is changing and will have to change, expanding the age range we attract by moving beyond a care-driven model, and integrating healthcare and technology.

We will look at what happens in our buildings that's changing because of the whole movement to bring health home, and how technologies like remote patient monitoring and robotics can create efficiencies and improve the resident experience."

Catering to a New Generation

"The future of senior living is aspirational. Boomers are not just grateful to survive, they're determined to thrive. They want to add life to their years, not just years to their life,” says Kramer. “A focus on inevitable decline reinforces a sense of helplessness and to a certain extent hopelessness. Of course, we need to ask about chronic conditions and medications when residents move in, but no one wants to be identified by those things.

It's the identity questions we should be asking like, What brings you Joy? What have been your areas of greatest pride and satisfaction? What are your goals? What would you like to learn? What, gifts and talents can you contribute?"

Value-Based Care

NIC presenters will be looking at ways senior living can partner for healthcare organizations like physician groups, health systems, hospitals, and Medicare Advantage plans insurers. "How do senior housing and care operators partner with these folks to address complete healthcare needs of their residents who live in our buildings without sending them out for their healthcare, which they don't want and is not good for them unless it's absolutely necessary," said Kramer.

Several keynotes and sessions to help senior housing providers effectively adopt value-based care delivery and payment models now and in the future.

Dr. Sachin Jain, CEO of SCAN Group & Health Plan, will give a keynote address called “Trends and Opportunities in Medicare” to explain senior living’s opportunity to serve Medicare enrollees as care delivery and payment models evolve and generate untapped efficiencies for senior living providers.

The “Emerging Value Based Care Opportunities for Seniors Housing & LTC Operators” session will explore the different partnership options operators looking to participate in value-based care models should seek out.

In the “Benefits of Integrating Primary Care into Senior Housing” Innovation Lab, attendees share value-based care models and at-home primary care can benefit both residents’ health and operators’ business models.

The “Customizing a Value-Based Care Strategy for Operators” workshop allows attendees to test their knowledge of value-based care models and work with their peers to identify the first steps needed to build partnerships between housing and value-based care providers.

The “Taking Your Show on the Road: Bridging Care Gaps by Extending Services into the Community” session will highlight the wide range of options hospital and skilled nursing providers are exploring to extend their services into the senior living community, including hospital-at-home, skilled-nursing-at-home, and community-based special needs plans.

Dr. Nirav Shah, Senior Scholar at Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center, will lead a keynote session called “The Future of Health and Healthcare: How Will Senior Living Operators Differentiate Themselves?” about the significant advances in health technology that are altering the landscape of opportunities for operators and investors in senior housing and how they can help senior living residents live healthier lives.

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