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GetSetUp announces "GetSetUp Anywhere”

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Embeddable version of interactive classes and content for active agers projected to reach 30M in 2024.

Lawrence Kosick, Co-founder & President of GetSetUp talks about GetSetUp Anywhere interactive programming for older adults

GetSetUp, the leading online learning platform for active aging, is thrilled to unveil GetSetUp Anywhere, an innovative solution revolutionizing the delivery of interactive programming to older adults. With GetSetUp Anywhere, partners can seamlessly integrate GetSetUp's extensive catalog of peer-to-peer classes, content, and community into their own web and mobile experiences, empowering millions more older adults to live, learn, and thrive as they age.

The "GetSetUp Anywhere Approach"

GetSetUp's mission has always been to empower older adults to thrive as they age. Recognizing the digital divide experienced by this rapidly growing population, GetSetUp sought to eliminate barriers, having observed the friction caused by redirecting older adult visitors from one site to another, leading to brand confusion and security concerns. GetSetUp Anywhere eliminates these challenges by enabling partners' members to access GetSetUp classes and content directly within their own websites. This reduces complexity, provides convenient access to classes and content, and enhances retention and engagement for our partners.

Expanding Access = Empowering More Older Adults

GetSetUp Anywhere presents a unique opportunity for partners to provide health & wellness, technology, finance, and lifestyle content, including custom classes around their products, services, and apps, all seamlessly integrated into their websites and mobile apps.

Ease of Integration

A standout feature of GetSetUp Anywhere is its ease of integration. Partners can curate class content, branding, font, and colors to align with their design guidelines. The integration process is as straightforward as inserting a YouTube video on a website. Within minutes, partner sites can feature GetSetUp's extensive catalog of peer-to-peer learning, offering hundreds of classes across categories such as fitness, nutrition, arts, technology, travel, and more.

Early Success and Future Expansion

GetSetUp Anywhere has already garnered early success with 20 live partners, including AOL, CenturyLink, South Florida Institute on Aging, MobileHelp, and 15 other websites and internet service providers (ISPs), making empowering classes and content available to millions more older adults. This demonstrates the solution's ease of integration and effectiveness in expanding access to online learning across media channels of all sizes. GetSetUp plans to add 100+ new partners to its GetSetUp Anywhere Network by the end of 2024, with the aim of reaching over 30 million older adults in the United States.

Lawrence Kosick, President and Co-Founder of GetSetUp, stated, "GetSetUp Anywhere is a transformative tool that enables organizations to empower their older adults to become active agers through learning experiences. We believe that by making our high-quality educational content easily accessible, we can collectively help people age better. Whether it's a small local business or a large media company, GetSetUp Anywhere enables organizations and their older adult communities to learn, grow, and thrive."

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