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Argentum and NIC MAP Vision Enter Partnership to Advance Senior Living Initiatives

Argentum, the voice for America’s professionally managed senior living communities, has entered into an agreement with NIC MAP Vision to make the data analytics group an Official Data and Insights Partner of Argentum.

NIC MAP Vision will provide Argentum access to data, tools, and services to assist with key industry imperatives recently outlined in the trade group’s strategic vision for senior living. The partnership allows Argentum to better tell the story and value proposition of senior living to various stakeholders, including state and federal regulators, elected officials, workforce boards, and the investment community, among others.

The NIC MAP Vision platform is a trusted, single source for senior housing research, data, and analysis, and by partnering with the group, Argentum expects to raise the bar on how well senior living can advance its issues to policymakers, including top workforce and regulatory issues.

The partnership also allows Argentum to advance and enhance industry business intelligence for its membership and the greater industry through its various research and thought leadership publications.

“As the leading senior living advocacy association, it makes perfect sense that we would partner with the leading data organization focused on assisted living and memory care providers,” said James Balda, president and chief executive officer, Argentum.

“This collaboration will allow us to strengthen our messaging with the use of industry-specific data and advance much of the industry work that is already underway. Argentum is seeking to enhance the ways in which we tell the story of senior living and our great industry, and working with NIC MAP Vision will make our case much easier.”

Balda added that the additional business intelligence gleaned through NIC MAP Vision data will only strengthen the industry’s collective argument for intelligent regulation and bring attention to the additional support and considerations needed from policymakers as our industry grows to meet and serve the needs of an aging country and population.

“Argentum is a trusted resource among senior housing professionals across the country, and we are the gold standard in supply and demand data that fuels the industry,” said Arick Morton, chief executive officer, NIC MAP Vision. “This partnership improves transparency within the industry by connecting Argentum members with important data they can’t get anywhere else.”

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