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The Glowing Older Podcast Continues the Journey

I’m excited to announce that Glowing Older, my weekly business podcast featuring experts in senior living, is celebrating its one-year anniversary. We wrapped up Season 5 (50 episodes!) and are digging into season 6. I’m so proud of the industry leaders we have interviewed the past. Our in-depth conversations have delved into the many innovations that will shape the future. There is a sea change happening in the senior living industry, and Glowing Older is, and will continue to be, at the forefront.

Season 6 Episode 1 featured Avi Friedman, Co-founder and COO of LINK Home Therapy and Episode 2 featured Sarah Hoit, Co-founder and CEO of Connected Living. Connected Living offers a suite of technology solutions that provide enhanced peace of mind for senior living residents, employees, and communities by helping them better connect. Link Home Therapy operates physical, occupational, and speech therapy centers inside senior living communities, focusing on person-centered care to help seniors regain their mobility and prior function.

Our sponsors share our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, with the goal of improving the experience of older adults. Sarah Hoit offers the following words of support: “Connected Living is honored to sponsor this important series of conversations with diverse thought leaders. We appreciate Glowing Older’s leadership in bringing the stories, opportunity and innovation in the senior living industry alive as we continue to navigate a very challenging year.”

The past year recording Glowing Older has been eye-opening. After more than 30 years working with luxury resorts and spas, I felt a calling to explore new ideas and trends that were emerging in senior living. My goal in starting the podcast was to learn from the best by interviewing a diverse cohort of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, experience providers, and agetech developers. They are movers and shaker making things happen.

Like most of the people I interview, I have a personal connection to the industry. Both sets of my grandparents retired at Broadmead—one of the country’s top senior living communities. Located in the beautiful hills of Maryland, it offers residents upscale accommodations and many activities and intellectual challenges. Still, as I spent time there, I saw many ways it could be so much better. I also wondered if this type of community would appeal to the next generation of seniors. The past 50 plus episodes of Glowing Older have been about this search, about looking for a better way. I have been touched by the deep passion and purpose of the people devoting their lives to caring for older adults. It’s an honor to share their voices.

I hope you enjoy the incredible Season 6 Lineup! Check out all the episodes and speaker profiles on the new Glowing Older website.



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