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Link-age Connect Surveys Highlight Trends in the Aging Population

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Link-age Connect, the market research arm of the three connected companies of Link-age, conducted a series of surveys in 2021 and 2022 aimed at the senior population that highlight trends in the aging population. The Link-age Connect surveys were issued independently or in conjunction with other organizations, such as DIRECTV, Age of Majority, and Holleran.

Surveys covered a range of topics, including technology, travel, socializing, entertainment device usage, personal priorities, and more.

"Companies are more curious now than ever before about the preferences of older adults," said Suzanne Viox, Executive Director of Link-age Connect. "Live interaction continues to be a priority in their lives, but many quickly adopted technology platforms during the isolation that COVID brought to us all."

Key findings include the following:

  • Over half of seniors surveyed plan to resume travel to about the same levels as they did before COVID, but some feel it is too much trouble to continue (Link-age Connect survey, January 2022);

  • The vast majority of seniors surveyed continue to prefer socializing with family and friends in person compared to virtually (Link-age Connect survey, April 2022);

  • Smart TV and other smart tech ownership is increasing in the senior demographic (Link-age Connect Technology Study Report, 2021)

All publicly available Link-age Connect surveys and reports results can be found here. Link-age Connect is planning a survey exploring telehealth preferences in 2023.

Link-age Connect offers a number of market research services to senior living providers and companies that serve the senior population, including: the ability to conduct proprietary research or build on existing research; access to research subjects; vertical understanding of the market to help clients design products, services, infrastructure and marketing collateral; and more.

Companies that want to learn more about the consumer behavior of older adults and senior living communities or those that serve the older adult population should visit the Link-age Connect website.


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