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GetSetUp Winter Enrichment For Active Agers At Community Centers Or Home

As the winter months approach, senior centers and community organizations are presented with the unique challenge of keeping their older members engaged and socially connected, as ice and snow can make traveling more difficult. This is where GetSetUp steps in as a crucial ally, especially in states like New York, Michigan, Vermont, Washington, and others with impactful statewide partnerships. These collaborations enable senior centers in these regions to offer GetSetUp's diverse classes at no extra cost, significantly enhancing their ability to support their members during the colder season. Now, with their most recent product, GetSetUp Anywhere, GetSetUp classes can be seamlessly integrated into senior center websites with the click of a button for added engagement touchpoints.

Combating Social Isolation with Constant Availability GetSetUp addresses the winter-induced challenges by offering around-the-clock availability of classes. This 24/7 access ensures that seniors can engage in stimulating activities at any time, counteracting the effects of social isolation and loneliness, which can detrimentally impact the health of older adults. This approach is in line withfindings from the National Institute on Aging, which emphasize the adverse health effects of social isolation on older adults. GetSetUp even went one step further to put together an important series on Navigating the Winter Blueswith classes to help assure people’s mental health and well-being and offer them inspiration in what tends to be quite literally the darker months of the year. This helps them then to move seamlessly into positive classes looking to the new year, like Setting Goals with GetSetUp and Get Moving and Get Fit!

Addressing Holiday Loneliness with Specialized Offerings Acknowledging that the holiday season can often amplify feelings of loneliness, GetSetUp introducesholiday-specific classes and activities. These virtual sessions are designed to make people feel included and connected during times that might otherwise feel isolating. Research from the University of California, San Francisco, suggests that 43% of seniors regularly experience loneliness, underscoring the significance of such inclusive initiatives.

Diverse Activities for Holistic Engagement GetSetUp offers an array of classes, from fitness and travel to crafting, catering to both individual and group interests. These activities promote active aging and mental wellness and can provide senior centers, libraries, and other organizations with enhanced resources to enrich their programming. Classes can easily be shown on large screens and offer options for group participation or as self-study sessions at one’s own pace in a group environment or even sharing devices in small groups or pairs. This allows for a lot of fun and engaging ways for these organizations to use GetSetUp programming as additional resources in their own program schedules without the need to find and schedule events.

Empowering Active Aging with Data-Driven Insights GetSetUp’s insights into active aging in their 2023 Active Aging Report reveal that older adults are keen on staying active and engaged. The platform's wide variety of classes aligns with these aspirations, assisting older adults in continuing to grow and enjoy life to the fullest. Classes focus on upskilling and reskilling so that participants can seek job opportunities or volunteer roles that allow them to feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

Bridging Gaps with Technology In today’s digital era, GetSetUp invested in creating a tech platform that addresses the needs of older adults. We offer an intuitive platform for older adults to explore numerous activities and classes through different modalities for viewing, including live, interactive, and on-demand. Our platform has a responsive design that works with older PCs and the latest mobile devices. This approach keeps people mentally active and socially connected, nurturing a sense of community and belonging.

The Impact on Senior Centers and Community Organizations For senior centers in states partnered with GetSetUp, the platform is a valuable asset. Integrating GetSetUp's offerings into their programming allows these centers to expand the range of activities available to their members without additional costs. This not only enhances people’s quality of life but also reinforces the center's role in promoting active aging.

During the winter months, GetSetUp emerges as a beacon of warmth and engagement for active agers who may be stuck inside more than usual with the weather. By offering diverse, accessible, and continuous classes it effectively combats the challenges of social isolation and fulfills the need for ongoing learning and active aging.


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