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GetSetUp Unveils 2024 Content Campaign: "Pathways to Possibilities"

Empowering active agers through 4 new campaigns with opportunities to stay mentally active, socially connected, and physically fit for a holistic lifestyle.

GetSetUp, the premier online learning platform dedicated to enhancing the lives of active agers, proudly announces its overarching campaign for 2024: "Pathways to Possibilities." This initiative champions the spirit of active aging, inviting older adults to transition from their current reality to envisioned aspirations through four core campaigns.

GetSetUp’s 2024 Pathways to Possibilities campaigns include four groundbreaking campaigns: Ageless Fitness, Creativity for Wellness, FinanceWise, and Civic Pathways. These initiatives are meticulously crafted to inspire, engage, and bolster the pursuit of a fulfilling, active, and interconnected lifestyle for older adults.

Civic Pathways: Forging a Trail to Civic Engagement and Social Ties

Civic Pathways is a robust endeavor aimed at enhancing civic engagement and fostering a vibrant community spirit. The campaign encourages active involvement with themes like "Preparing to Vote" and "Senior Issues & Platforms," empowering older adults to shape society and cultivate a profound sense of community participation. Join us in shaping the fabric of democracy and enriching lives through community service and civic engagement. Themes offer insights into opportunities to volunteer across a variety of organizations and the positive impact these community activities can have on purpose and preventing social isolation. Education is the first step in learning how to impact the causes that matter most for people as they age. Older adults’ voices and actions can drive change!

FinanceWise: Charting the Course to Financial Savvy and Technological Empowerment

FinanceWise is designed to empower individuals in comprehensive financial management, career advancement, and entrepreneurship, all while advancing digital literacy to help people age independently. Addressing themes from "Investing" to "Financial Literacy," this campaign equips individuals with the tools to achieve financial independence, prevent fraud, manage taxes, and seize career opportunities in the digital age. The themes in this campaign strive to empower individuals to pursue entrepreneurship goals and career advancement while developing proficiency in using digital financial tools, from efficient online banking to navigating taxes as one ages. Our themes not only foster financial independence and safeguard against fraud but also equip our members with essential skills for reskilling and upskilling in their careers. We help educate people so they can take the reins on their financial future and navigate the digital world with confidence. Our partners help empower older adults with the knowledge to thrive in today's economy.

Creativity for Wellness: Nurturing Creative Passions for Mental and Emotional Vitality

Creativity for Wellness taps into the joy of arts and crafts, enabling self-expression and cognitive stimulation. Through themes like "Drawing and Painting" and "Music Appreciation," the campaign fosters a journey into creativity, contributing to mental well-being and lifelong learning. Themes go beyond solo activities to explore travel and creativity through the exploration of new people, places, and spaces. Current partners have opportunities to highlight their organization and companies' products and services that align with creativity and travel, like Road Scholar’s article on traveling with grandkids, reaching a targeted older adult audience and empowering them with knowledge. Older adults discover the therapeutic power of creativity as they explore, create, and express themselves for a healthier, happier mind and soul.

Ageless Fitness: Championing Active Lifestyles for Optimal Health and Vitality

Ageless Fitness promotes health through diet, nutrition, and physical activity. With a focus on "Healthy Eating and Cooking" and "Active Aging," the campaign advocates a lifestyle that prioritizes exercise, wellness, chronic disease management, and mental health. Older adults gain valuable resources to embrace a life of movement and nutrition as they pursue a path to vitality and emotional well-being.

GetSetUp is collaborating with forward-thinking brands and partners passionate about enhancing active agers' lives. We are committed to delivering engaging, enriching content and experiences that resonate with the dynamic spirit of our community.

For partnership inquiries and detailed information on our transformative 2024 campaigns, please reach out to


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