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GetSetUp Leads the Charge Against AI Scams with Its Cyber Security and Fraud Hub

Updated: Mar 4

Pioneering educational platform for older adults participates in National Security Council roundtable to present solutions for growing problem of voting scams and deep fakes AI voice scams

In a significant stride towards enhancing digital safety for older adults, GetSetUp, a pioneering educational platform dedicated to active agers, has launched Cyber Safety and Fraud Hub with classes, articles, and resources that include a special series of classes. This initiative comes in the wake of escalating voice cloning scams and other AI-driven fraudulent activities that target vulnerable populations like older adults. Recognizing the urgency of the issue, the National Security Council convened a round table at the White House, where GetSetUp was invited to present solutions to key stakeholders, including heads of the FCC, FTC, and the National Security Council.

The Cyber Safety and Fraud Hub is a comprehensive educational program designed to empower older adults with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of AI and cyber security safely. The initiative reflects GetSetUp's commitment to enabling older adults to live happy, healthy, and more connected lives in the digital age. What sets GetSetUp apart in launching and scaling this initiative is not just our deep wells of insights and data but also our extensive distribution network. Our technology powers learning opportunities on platforms like AOL, CenturyLink, over 70 government websites, and 70 healthcare plans across the United States, reaching millions of older adults across the US.

A Hands-On Approach to Digital Safety in the Era of AI

GetSetUp's resource hub is a testament to the organization's holistic approach to preventing scams. It features a diverse array of tools tailored to the needs of older adults, including:

  • Educational Videos & Articles: Engaging, easy-to-understand videos and articles that explain how AI scams work and how to recognize them.

  • Comprehensive Checklists: Practical, step-by-step guides to help users verify the authenticity of digital communications and safeguard their personal information.

  • Hands-On Support: A specially designed "Scam Guard in the AI Era" series of classes addressing the nuances of AI-driven scams, from voice cloning to deepfakes, providing older adults with the knowledge to protect themselves. These classes allow learners to come to ask questions, share their concerns, and get support.

About the Cyber Safety and Fraud Hub

The program targets the increasing threat of AI-driven scams, such as sophisticated voice phishing and AI-generated fake news, which pose significant risks to older adults. "Scam Guard in the AI Era" includes a series of classes and resources developed in collaboration with cybersecurity and digital literacy experts. Topics covered include 'AI Scams 101,' 'AI Voice Scam Awareness,' 'Deepfakes in Elections,' and more.

These sessions are designed not just to educate but to equip our community with the ability to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent digital content, a skill that's becoming increasingly crucial as we approach critical events like elections.

Looking Ahead

Cyber Safety and Fraud Hub exemplifies GetSetUp's broader mission to empower older adults to confidently navigate the digital world. By providing our community with updated and ongoing knowledge to use AI and other digital tools responsibly, we are enhancing their digital experience and ensuring their safety in an increasingly digital world.

"We believe that education and awareness are key to combating digital scams. By empowering our community with the skills to recognize and avoid these scams, we are not only protecting them but also enhancing their ability to engage with the digital world securely and confidently," stated Lawrence Kosick, President and Co-founder of GetSetUp.


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