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New Online Marketplace Dwellr Raises Pre-seed Round to Transform the Search for Senior Care

Nebraska startup Dwellr directly connects families with the best senior communities tailored to the needs of their loved ones.

Dwellr, a Nebraska-based startup, has secured $500,000 in funding, led by Move Venture Capital and Invest Nebraska. This initial round of funding allows founders Davey Owens and Drew Tuzson to publicly launch the online marketplace that is designed to transform the way families find senior care by offering a direct connection between seniors and their desired communities.

Dwellr was founded because the founders discovered that searching for senior living is an extremely antiquated experience in 2023. Most senior living communities are forced into using traditional referral services, meaning families are required to fill out convoluted online forms and receive cold calls and emails from communities across the state.

"Getting dozens of calls a day from senior communities within a 50-mile radius to schedule a tour is extremely stressful during an already sensitive time," stated Owens, CEO of Dwellr. "So we created an experience similar to how Zillow works, but for senior living."

Dwellr's mission goes beyond simplifying searches. It challenges the status quo of referral services that often prioritize commissions over genuine senior needs. With its user-friendly interface and direct communication channels, Dwellr ensures families can make informed decisions with higher confidence.

"Dwellr provides a user-friendly and streamlined experience for consumers searching for senior living options in their local area," stated Thomas Cloutier, CMO of Arete Living, a Dwellr customer. "Just as leading household rental companies have succeeded, I believe Dwellr has the potential to establish itself as a household name in the senior living industry."

With its initial launch targeting cities in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Colorado, Dwellr is gearing up to expand its services, aiming to set a new industry standard in senior care searches.


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