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Christian Living Communities Earns World’s Best Culture Certification

Attaining Drive's World's Best Culture certification requires meeting key benchmarks using the globally acclaimed Barrett Values Centre's Culture Values Assessment.

Christian Living Communities (CLC) has been awarded a World's Best Culture Certification from Drive. This prestigious honor reflects CLC's unwavering commitment to creating an exceptional workplace culture aligned with the company's organizational values.

Attaining Drive's World's Best Culture certification requires meeting key benchmarks using the globally acclaimed Barrett Values Centre's Culture Values Assessment. This prestigious certification spans all industries and is bolstered by Barrett's vast 25-year database and 4 million culture assessments, including companies such as Mastercard, Coca Cola, Prudential, Wegmans, PWC, and Volvo. Drive, a consultancy firm specializing in senior living culture, is the leading user of the Barrett Values Assessment in aging services.

Being recognized as a world’s best culture is very important to Christian Living Communities. This designation gives our current team members and residents something to be incredibly proud of and attracts other mission and value aligned individuals to our organization. It also gives us a competitive edge with marketing. Potential residents and families are keenly aware of workforce challenges and understand that resident well-being is predicated on consistent, relationship-based interactions with engaged team members who are aligned with CLC’s values. The certification tells the world that CLC is a great place to live and to work!

Seventy-five percent of team members in all nine CLC-Cappella communities as well as home care and the Eagle Point Support Office responded to the survey and answered questions about their personal values, the values currently present in the workplace and the desired values in an optimal workplace. The overall culture score reflects the health and strength of the organization based on an assessment of the alignment between personal, current, and desired cultures as well as any negative limiting values that surface from team member responses.

The minimum score required to attain a World’s Best Culture certification is 70. CLC’s organizational culture score was 76, much above the Global Average of 51, the Healthcare Average of 50 and Drive’s senior living communities average of 58.

“Applying globally recognized culture measurements to aging services means those organizations earning this high distinction have the caring heart of a senior living provider AND the culture of a world-class business leader.” Denise Boudreau, Drive Founder & President said.

Earning the World's Best Culture Certification is not the end of our journey. It is a stepping-stone toward continuous improvement. We are using this recognition as inspiration to continually enhance our workplace culture, refine our practices, and ensure that we live up to the standards of excellence we have set. CLC has an unwavering commitment to providing an outstanding workplace experience, and this certification reaffirms our dedication to team member growth and development.

“We Celebrate! is one of our four values, so we of course will take time to celebrate this amazing news and achievement, “stated Jill Vitale-Aussem, CLC President & CEO. “This certification tells me that CLC is a thriving and very healthy organization. But the worst thing we could do is celebrate and then rest on our laurels. Each of our communities, including our support office, is now digging into the results, having conversations with team members, and setting measurable goals for improvement and continual growth.

Collaborative approaches to improvement is the cornerstone of our CLC Citizenship approach to community life.”

Four individual CLC-Cappella owned or managed communities also earned the World’s Best Culture Certificate.

Cappella of Pueblo West (score 80)

Casey’s Pond (score 71)

Clermont Park (score 80)

Holly Creek (score 86)

“What is fascinating to see is common values such as caring, hardworking, teamwork and compassion that were consistent in team member personal values, their current work culture experience, and their desired culture,” shared Jeff Tucker, CLC’s Vice-President of Human Resources. “That continuity of what people care about personally into what they are experiencing now and want to into the future is huge. We are on the right track.”


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