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Shutterstock Creates Grant in Partnership with the American Society on Aging

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Keeping Age in Focus Fund dedicates $10,000 in grants to portray the diversity of aging across a broad range of environments, relationships, and issues.

Shutterstock has created a fund grant in partnership with the American Society on Aging. The Keeping Age in Focus Fund is granting $5,000 to the 1st prize winner, and $2,500 to 2nd & 3rd Prize. photographers, visual journalists, videographers, illustrators, and 3D artists are invited to submit creative images portraying the experience of aging in today’s society.

Keeping in Age in Focus is part of Shutterstock’s THE CREATE FUND, which provides financial and professional support to empower historically excluded artists, help fill content gaps, and further diversity and inclusion within the content library and contributor network.

As quoted from their website:

“Shutterstock is committed to ensuring our content is representative of a globally diverse world—offering diverse perspectives in both our visuals and in the artists who create them. Today’s older adults are the most diverse segment of our population, with wants, needs, abilities and resources shaped by a lifetime of experiences. Yet images of older people are often absent in the media, or show a singular portrayal: white, older, and frequently, infirmed. This is not a true depiction of the multiplicity of experiences of those who age.” TIPS ON WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE: Whole-person images, not just close-up shots of hands or disembodied faces

Representations of the full range of human expression—curiosity, adoration, awe, desire, concentration, triumph, empathy, etc.

Life as experienced in all types of settings, indoors and outdoors, in homes and in businesses, with friends and family as well as alone, in rest, work, and play

People of all backgrounds, ethnicities, shapes and abilities

Submission Requirements:

  • Project Proposal (Between 400 - 600 words document outlining the execution and goal of the proposed project to increase accurate representation of aging.

  • A short biography detailing who you are and your professional experience.

  • 5–10 visual examples that relate to the project you want to pursue.

Deadline for submission is January 21, 2022 at 5:00 pm ET Winners To Be Announced: On or after February 2022 For complete terms and conditions, visit:


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