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Serviam Care Network Announces Strategic Partnership with WelcomeHome

Serviam Care Network, P.B.C., a purpose-driven organization transforming the way America cares for seniors, has made the strategic decision to partner with WelcomeHome Software in order to fully focus its efforts on the value-based care movement and bringing network services to its members.

In the next decade, senior living will move to a value-based care system. Serviam is committed to helping senior living operators access the right tools, systems, and revenue streams to embrace and succeed under this care delivery model. This strategic shift to fully focus on value-based care will allow Serviam to provide better health outcomes for residents while improving the bottom line for operators.

Serviam understands value-based care is the true Northstar for fulfilling its mission. With this in mind, Serviam is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with WelcomeHome Software, the leading CRM provider in the senior living industry. Serviam will discontinue sales and development of the VIA Sales CRM, and will now offer WelcomeHome CRM as the preferred CRM partner to its Network Membership. This alliance aligns seamlessly with the wisdom of an African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

“Our partnership with WelcomeHome will propel Serviam towards a more focused and impactful approach to value-based care and network services,” Said Tim Donnelly, CEO of Serviam Care Network. “WelcomeHome is a world-class CRM and we are honored to bring this technology to our Network Membership. Our commitment to transforming the way that America cares for seniors is at the heart of this development.”

As part of the partnership, WelcomeHome CRM will seamlessly integrate with Serviam’s VIA Contact Center, giving Network Members and WelcomeHome clients access to the full lead management experience.

“We embrace the opportunity to work with a purpose-driven organization like Serviam,” said John Lariccia, CEO of WelcomeHome. “Both WelcomeHome and Serviam are committed to do what’s best for the operator, and we are excited to bring our technology to The Network.”


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