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PointClickCare Expands its Network Throughout the State of New York

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Partnership with Healthix drives mission to improve patient outcomes with improved insights at the point of care.

PointClickCare, a leading healthcare technology platform enabling meaningful collaboration and access to real‐time insights at any stage of a patient’s journey, today announced it is expanding its network through the state of New York through a collaboration with Healthix, the largest Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the state of New York. Healthix participating hospitals, ACOs, and health plans bilaterally exchange critical information with providers at the point of care, in their existing workflows.

The collaboration, which is structured within the framework of New York State policy, combines Healthix’s data with PointClickCare’s platform to arm New York hospitals with real‐time insights to support high‐risk patients across the healthcare continuum. The goal is to close communication gaps across care settings to streamline care transitions, improve coordination, and reduce unnecessary length of stay and admissions.

“We are thrilled that our growing infrastructure can support patient outcomes by enabling hospital and health systems to better support communities across the state of New York and beyond. This growing relationship furthers our ultimate goal to grow our network of acute and post‐acute insights, not only in New York, but across all fifty states, in order to streamline care transitions and provide necessary information to providers within their EHR workflows.” - Ben Zaniello, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, PointClickCare
“Our reach throughout New York City and Long Island provides us with data on over 20,000,000 active patients, and our work with PointClickCare enables us to make it actionable by getting the right information into the hands of our care providers across the ecosystem.” - Tom Moore, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Healthix

About PointClickCare PointClickCare is a leading healthcare technology platform enabling meaningful collaboration and access to real‐time insights at any stage of a patient’s healthcare journey. PointClickCare’s single platform spans the care continuum, fostering proactive, holistic decision‐making and improved outcomes for all. Over 25,000 long‐term, acute and post‐acute care providers, and over 1,600 hospitals use PointClickCare today. For more information on PointClickCare, please visit

About Healthix Healthix, a public health information exchange, securely aggregates patient health data, across New York State, from thousands of sites – hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, behavioral health organizations, labs and more. With a patient’s consent, this information is shared among providers to improve clinical outcomes and enhance value‐ based care delivery. The collected patient information is powerful, regardless of where providers are across the healthcare spectrum. Healthix is committed to its mission: Mobilizing health information across our communities to advance patient care. To learn more about Healthix services and participant organizations, visit



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