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Leading Brain Health Educators Offer Free Online Events for Brain Awareness Week March 14-20

Virtual Brain Health Center and Total Brain Health announce livestream programs including workshops, lectures, and panels facilitated by industry experts.

Virtual Brain Health Center and Total Brain Health are offering a wide range of online activities in support of Brain Awareness Week March 14-20. Brain Awareness Week was founded by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives (DABI) and the European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB), and is coordinated by the Dana Foundation. The goal of the global campaign is to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science.

Ohio-based Virtual Brain Health is offering free global live streaming of 17 FREE program offerings, facilitated by leading industry experts, offered three-times daily Monday through Friday with limited weekend programs during the center’s mega event of the year. Launched October 2020, the center’s driving force is to provide accessible, low-cost programs for all to ensure everyone has the right tools for protecting their brains.

The annual “Celebration of the Brain” is divided into three categories: 30-minute physical activities with mindful fitness experts; 45-60-minute cognitive engagement-based lectures with industry experts; and 30-45-minute personal well-being programs with expert practitioners who share information about the impact of brain science on people’s lives.

Sessions will occur weekdays at 11a.m., 2p.m., and 7p.m. EST with limited weekend programs. All are welcome to attend including individuals, careers, families, groups, communities, and providers. Advance registration is required at Brain Awareness Week.

Founder and Creative Director Dr. Krystal L. Culler pays gratitude to the event partners for prioritizing accessible brain care for all:

The annual event would not be possible without the collaborative expertise of the following individuals and organizations’ commitment to providing purpose to brain health care for all: the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, ABI Wellness, Jennifer Hicks, Cailey Massey of Artfull Enrichment, Inc., Dr. Dana Simmons, Ph.D., Shannon Wallace of Musical Memory Care, Applied VR, Eversound, The Purpose Equation, Alexis Perkins of Chair One Fitness, The Medical Clown Project, Giovanna Manson-Hing of The Youth Movement Against Alzhiemer’s, Aging Is Cool, and Emily Johnson of StrongerU Senior Fitness.

Total Brain Health is hosting a free live event for residents and clients for Brain Awareness Week entitled "It's Time to Brain Play!.” The event will feature interactive workouts and special guests from Acts Retirement-Life Communities, and is offered live over Zoom, Touchtown Live, and on-demand post event. The event includes an attendee packet with take-home workouts. HERE is the registration link.


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