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K4Connect and Vayyar Care Partner to Bring Next-Level Radar Fall Detection Technology to the Senior

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Leading technology innovators team up to deliver advanced and accessible digital care for older adults. Falls are the leading injury risk for adults aged over 65, costing billions in annual healthcare costs and leading to tens of thousands of fatalities each year.

K4Connect, senior living’s leading integrated enterprise technology platform enabling the best in care, services and hospitality for older adults, and Vayyar Care, a global leader in automatic fall detection and remote monitoring, have entered into a partnership to bring next-generation touchless, camera-free fall detection technology to senior living residents and operators across the U.S.

Falls are the number one injury risk for older adults, accounting for tens of thousands of fatalities per year and billions in annual healthcare costs. Today, this problem is further compounded by the rapid decline in the caregiver workforce that supports the fast-growing older adult demographic. To address this nation-wide concern, Vayyar Care will integrate with K4Community, K4Connect’s solution for the residents, staff and operators of senior living communities, to deliver the industry’s most advanced automated fall detection solution available.

Vayyar Care leverages advanced 4D imaging radar technology to deliver instant fall detection and activity data that enables personalized, proactive care management. Each sensor’s wide field of view covers an entire room, operating in all lighting conditions and even dense steam, making it ideal for use in bathrooms where 80% of falls occur. Together with K4Community, the integration will provide senior care operators with a private, passive, low-cost, and proactive resident safety tool that simultaneously alleviates pressure on overstretched care teams.

“Since its inception, K4Connect’s mission has been to curate and apply cutting-edge technologies to specifically support the underserved older adult population. Right now, technology that keeps residents safe while augmenting frontline caregivers and staff is absolutely critical,” said K4Connect Chief Mission Officer and CEO, F. Scott Moody. “Integrating Vayyar Care with K4Community enables us to bring the best of the best to our community partners today, while establishing a data-driven foundation that can support advanced future offerings built around preventative and predictive care.”

The K4Community and Vayyar Care integration will ensure resident safety, promote their independence and respect their privacy, while reducing the administrative burden on staff through automated reporting. Vayyar Care passively monitors residents’ surroundings around the clock using ceiling-mounted sensors and point cloud imaging technology, and low-power radio waves that penetrate obstructions, such as shower curtains, ensure visibility at all times. K4Connect applies the same principles of privacy and reliability to its award-winning automated Resident Check-In technology that leverages motion and voice-enabled smart home devices to perform daily resident wellness checks. In large communities, Resident Check-In is automatically performing up to 97% of resident checks, resulting in significant time savings and increased staff efficiency.

“Partnering with K4Connect represents a significant milestone on Vayyar Care’s journey toward becoming the industry’s leading fall detection and predictive care solution,” said Marc McGrann, U.S. director of sales at Vayyar Care. “Integrating our best-in-class solution with the most forward-looking platform providers is central to our vision of transforming the senior care landscape with data that enhances resident safety and gives caregivers the tools they need to anticipate and address a wide range of health and mobility issues.”

The Vayyar Care and K4Community integration will be available beginning in 2023. The partnership also fuels K4Connect’s plans to expand its mission to better serve older adults aging at home and the caregivers and organizations who support them. With access to billions of behavioral and health data points across multiple technology categories (IoT, apps, systems), K4Connect is poised to deliver home solutions that benefit the lives of millions of older adults who need support.


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