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Interview with David Sawyer, Founder & CEO of TSOLife

SeniorTrade’s Nancy Griffin recently spoke with David Sawyer, Founder & CEO of TSOLife on technology in innovation in the senior living industry, and how better data capture and integration lead to improved experiences for operators, staff, and residents.

Tell Us About TSOLife Minerva

TSOLife Minerva is the first business intelligence and resident experience platform to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and simplified data collection to personalize interactions and experiences. AI and other technical capabilities enable personalized touch points, improving the resident experience by capturing the right data to meet specific care needs.

By pairing voice-to-text functionality with TSOLife’s proprietary smart form technology, we completely automate the data collection process and eliminate discrepancies from manual data entry. This level of data capture and integration is a game changer for senior living.

Integration of CRM, Resident Engagement, Wellness and EHR is an immense challenge in senior living.

Collecting accurate data on prospects and residents is crucial. When information is turned into business intelligence, operators can create personalized experiences for residents and more efficiently operate their businesses. Person-centered care is difficult, however, when there is a massive misalignment of data. The continuum of resident data is all over the map. Programs don’t talk to each other, and there are still paper-based processes.

Even if everything is online, you need to log into five or more different platforms to piece things together. Information needs to be accessible.

You have said resident turn-over is high the first 90-days after move-in as people decide whether the senior living community is a good fit. How does TSOLife help retain residents?

TSOLife’s AI algorithms identify common interests and activities that would likely be appealing. One of the algorithms looks at a variety of distinct data points and different sources and helps communities pinpoint which residents and staff they would have the most in common with. The guesswork is taken out.

Our goal is to help residents assimilate quickly into their community and receive an exceptional move-in experience. Our senior living community partners are able to deliver a unique and personalized customer experience by simply looking at their data and driving an action plan. Life Enhancement Directors can build activities calendars customized to each month.

We interview residents so we can assess their overall quality of life and make recommendations that may benefit them based on their quality of life score. An example is if they score low on creativity, and the resident has an interest in painting, the system would automatically inform the activity director that this resident would enjoy attending a painting workshop or activity.

Why is it difficult for technology companies to succeed in the senior living market?

Many new entrants in the “age-tech” space don't have a firm grasp on what the market needs and how residents really operate. Companies from outside of the industry come in with a solution, and then they try to get the industry to adopt and change so that their solution will work.

The best technology frees people up to do what they do best.

Thank you, David!


David Sawyer LinkedIn Session RecapImproving the Resident Experience” panel at the David Sawyer, Moderator. Sara Kyle, Founder, and Kelly Stranburg, Principal, with LE3 Solutions, Barbara Solomon, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Benchmark Senior Living, and Aras Erekul, National Director of Integrative Wellbeing at Watermark Retirement Communities Senior Living Transformation Summit.

David Sawyer LinkedIn Session RecapSomething in Common” Partnership with Benchmark Senior Living. David Sawyer and Barbara Solomon, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Benchmark Senior Living, Evolve 2021 Virtual Summit



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