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Icario Launches Program to Bring Broadband to Medicaid, Medicare Plans

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The program, called Digital Bridge, will leverage Icario's expertise in personalized health communications to help plans ensure members are able to access resources available to get low-cost or free broadband.

Icario, the healthcare industry’s largest health action company, today announced the launch of Digital Bridge, a new program that Medicaid and Medicare plans can use to improve broadband access and education to members. Specifically, Digital Bridge provides plans with the resources they need to inform their members on the availability of free or low-cost devices, broadband internet service, hotspots, and the education and technical support they need to use these tools to take health actions.

Eighty percent of low-income households that qualify for reduced-rate broadband access don't realize it. Many Medicaid and Medicare plans work with third parties that can help, and Digital Bridge utilizes Icario’s expertise in personalized health communications to help these plans address this huge social determinant of health (SDoH) barrier.

The importance of telehealth became apparent during the height of the pandemic, and CMS has been clear on its desire for a multi-channel approach for health care engagement. This is particularly salient when the Public Health Emergency is lifted, and millions of Medicaid beneficiaries will need to recertify eligibility. Having broadband to reenroll can help minimize disenrollment, churn, and coverage gaps,” said Sara Ratner, Senior Vice President of Government Markets and Strategic Initiatives at Icario. “Our new Digital Bridge offering is the only one in the industry that significantly eases the burden for Medicare and Medicaid plans looking for solutions to address broadband, technology, and digital literacy gaps.”

Using Icario’s multi-lingual member engagement capabilities, the Digital Bridge program takes a three-pronged approach to address digital and broadband disparities:

  • Devices: Connects members to resources that provide free and low-cost phones, tablets, or computers.

  • Broadband access: Provides members with access to internet service providers (ISP) or programs offering low-cost or free broadband options, as well as hotspots.

  • Support: Assists members with enrolling in subsidy programs and educates them on the availability of resources that help with digital literacy, accessibility, and technical troubleshooting, particularly for those with little or no experience using digital devices.

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