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Humanaut Health Secures $8.7M Seed Round to Bring Longevity Healthcare to Local Cities Across America

Prominent Names in HealthTech, Medicine, and Prestige Retail Join Forces to Bring The Latest in Health Optimization Medical Science In 40% Oversubscribed Round

Humanaut Health, a premium clinic for health optimization and longevity, today announced $8.7 million in seed investment. The round was led by The Kabech Fund with participation from Midnight Venture Partners, the company’s founders, Tushara Dilanie, and other strategic individual investors. The financing will support care model development– which includes regenerative, hormone, and lifestyle medicine services– and its expansion of membership-based clinics to major U.S. markets.

“The round's oversubscription is a testament to the market's desire for more accessible longevity medical services”

“I am thrilled about the interest we received and the impressive group of investors the round brought together,” said Jim Donnelly, Humanaut Health Co-Founder and CEO. “The level of talent and expertise behind the funding will accelerate our ability to scale and become the first nationwide provider of health optimization."

"The round's oversubscription is a testament to the market's desire for more accessible longevity medical services,” said Paul A. Pagnato, Humanaut Health Chairman. "Our mission to scale health optimization will profoundly impact our members, their communities, and society, at large."

Humanaut is dedicated to helping individuals live more years in good health. Grounded in advanced medical science, Humanaut takes a holistic and hands-on approach to longevity. Clinic services include comprehensive health assessments, preventative care, symptom management, and individual coaching delivered via premium membership. Investments are earmarked for clinic quality, digital health services, and franchise expansion strategies.

Humanaut’s founding team includes seasoned entrepreneurs and expert medical leaders, inspired by personal and professional experiences navigating health after age 40. In addition to CEO Jim Donnelly, founders include Paul A. Pagnato, Amy Killen MD, Harry Adelson ND, Tony Cheng, Elliot Karathanasis, and Trey Owen. Collectively, the founders have generated billions in exit value from their previous ventures, including Restore Hyper Wellness, Archway Health, PagnatoKarp, and United Fitness Partners (UFP).

“The right approach to longevity doesn't just add years to life, but life to those years," said Humanaut Health Chief Medical Officer, Amy Killen MD. "Our medical teams will provide next-generation care, rooted in advanced science, integrative medicine, and individualized support."

Humanaut concierge medicine services will launch early summer. Membership-based clinics will open nationwide, beginning in Austin, Texas, late 2024. For more information, visit


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