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Peppermint Launches Online Community to Promote Peer Connection & Engagement Amongst Adults 55+

Updated: Aug 23

New virtual clubhouse brings together experienced adults to pursue passions, join clubs, grow knowledge and make new friends

To meet the growing demand of older adults, who are more connected and physically active than ever before, Peppermint today announced the launch of its novel virtual Clubhouse community catering to adults ages 55+. Built at Redesign Health, the Peppermint Clubhouse is a place where older adults can “find their people” and led by experts, practice their favorite hobbies in a fun, highly engaging and accessible format.

Boomers and seniors spend on average 6.7 hours per day on leisure activities, 58% more time than the 4.2 hours spent by their counterparts ages 35 to 54 years old. With 94% of Americans participating in at least one hobby and 10,000 adults turning 65 every day, Peppermint captures the desire of this growing demographic to find a greater sense of purpose, community and connection through shared interests. Peppermint also leverages the explosion of a global creator community to bring top experts in a wide range of fields into the homes and communities of older adults and allows these creators to tap into this audience as never before.

There are a number of studies that link social, physical and mental activity to successful aging. For example, The University of Michigan found in the U.S. population over age 50, that regular internet users were half as likely to experience dementia than people who do not use the internet. Additionally, a study from The Journals of Gerontology found that those who interact with people beyond their usual social circle of family and close friends are more likely to have higher levels of physical activity and better moods. Alternately, there are grave risks to loneliness. The U.S. Surgeon General issued a recent advisory finding that loneliness and social isolation cause health risks as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

“We designed the Peppermint experience to bring together a community of experts and enthusiasts to pursue passions, meet new friends, inspire creativity and learn,” said Rich Maggiotto, CEO and Co-Founder of Peppermint. “While there are dozens of social media and creator platforms in the world, Peppermint is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the 55+ individuals, while genuinely building connections and community.”

Peppermint is an expert-led, subscription-based platform that focuses on collaboration, connection and engagement. Members are assisted by clubhouse guides who greet them upon joining, helping familiarize them with the platform and are always there to answer questions. Members can spend 5 minutes or the entire day with Peppermint in the following ways:

  • Clubs - where members pursue their passions and make new friends - from Adventurous Eaters to Day-Trippers to Book Lovers - connecting over shared interests, collaborating and inspiring each other to grow;

  • Workshops - from container gardening to phone photography, members complete projects in small groups, share knowledge and life experiences;

  • Live Events - weekly online or in-real-life sessions where members meet to learn from experts and discuss the most compelling topics of the day;

  • Collaborations - where experts and members connect over inspiring fireside chats and work together on creative projects – from holiday recipe books to virtual group tours of exotic destinations;

  • Daily Drops - Peppermint’s members-only e-newsletter features popular articles, tips, and hacks from hosts and instructors; and

  • Challenges - enabling members to share their expertise and unique skills to connect with others over shared interests, win badges, notoriety, and prizes.

Peppermint’s slate of compelling programming is driven by its members’ diverse interests. In the coming months, the platform will hold expert-led, live events including “Photography with Michael Browne,” an internationally renowned photographer, adventurer and motorcyclist, “Elvis Presley’s Works with Will Friedwald,” an author and music historian, and “Nutrition as you Age with Andy DeSantis,” a three times published Registered Dietitian. Other platform creators include best-selling author and horticulturist Brie Arthur, resident chef of NPR’s Here and Now Kathy Gunst, and best-selling author and thought leader on longevity Michael Clinton.

Peppermint has recently raised $8M in seed funding. Participating was Primetime Partners, the top venture capital firm that focuses on seed and early-stage investments in the longevity sector. “The global population over 60 is projected to double by 2050 to reach nearly 2.1 billion but there is a major lack of solutions and products designed with this population in mind, especially when it comes to offering unique and new experiences,” said Alan Patricof, Chairperson and Co-Founder of Primetime Partners. “The Peppermint team has designed a solution to fill that void while fighting the loneliness epidemic and encouraging adults to engage in their interests and have fun in the next chapter of their lives. We are excited to partner with Peppermint and see everything this platform can do.”

In addition to seeing strong demand from the 55-65 demographic, Peppermint also aims to introduce the platform to centers and senior living communities to promote connection and engagement. Peppermint is seeing strong demand, with a number of Senior Centers affiliated with the Massachusetts Council on Aging (MCOA) also partnering with Peppermint initially at launch.

Peppermint is open to join with memberships available for $9.99/month as well as a 30-day free trial option. Existing organizations, clubs and communities looking to supplement their existing programming or to purchase group memberships are encouraged to reach out to If you are an expert wishing to build a community on Peppermint, reach out to Visit or follow along on social media @peppermint_inc to learn more.


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